Income Generating Project

sudangoatsThe number of goats have almost doubled since the start of the Income Generating Project that began this past September (2007) in northern Sudan.
After ten families each received two pregnant, female goats; 16 kids have already been born.
“The families are really happy to have the milk from the goats for their children. Before they couldn’t afford to buy it and now since they can, their nutrition levels are increasing,” said one IDRB worker.
IDRB had the help of a local NGO in the selection of each family which considered their social economic status. Four training sessions have been held since the goats were distributed on topics like; goat care and milk processing.
Each month a veterinarian comes out to do check-ups on each of the goats and then there is a training session. “The sessions are oral as there are some of the participants who are illiterate. The veterinarian talks about any problems he saw while examining each goat and answers questions that the women may have.”
Each of the families is responsible to give back two female offspring in the next two years. The goats will then be redistributed to other needy families.
“Our goal is for the women to be self sufficient as well as have a sense of community among the group,” explained one IDRB staff. “We want to study this pilot project first with the hopes of reproducing it elsewhere.”