Water and Sanitation Projects

sudansanitationIn both the East and West of Sudan, people are benefiting through the water and sanitation projects that IDRB is doing in cooperation with the government.

With the water projects, IDRB has been installing both mini water yards as well as bore holes with hand pumps in various locations.
IDRB has also assisted in setting up the only lab for water testing in south Darfur. The government and NGO’s can test water from new bore holes at this lab.
In addition, latrines have been dug to help with the sanitation problems in the area.
“With so many displaced people in such a small area the sanitation was very bad,” explained one IDRB staff. “We assisted in 100 latrines to help with the spread of acute watery diarrhea.”
“It is IDRB’s hope that more people will take an interest in villages outside the camps, we want to partner with local communities to do similar work in the future.”