Health Education Projects

sudanhealthIDRB is starting to help promote both a healthy environment and body in Eastern Sudan.
“The leader of the village approached us asking if we could teach the women and when we went to the village the reception was good so I am looking forward to the teaching,” said the IDRB nurse who will be heading up the project with the help of the Sudanese government.
The teaching will be in two parts; first, hygiene promotion will focus on ways to keep their water and house clean. The second part of the teaching will be on basic health in the village; including personal hygiene, malaria, cholera, etc.
Six women from different areas of the village will be chosen to be taught by the IDRB nurse. They then will teach the women in their areas and follow-up will be done to make sure they are using what they have been taught.
“Our hope is that both the women and children will have better health and that their lifestyle will improve. IDRB wants also for them to take ownership of the program and to continue to teach others.”