Medical Education Projects

sudanmedicalThroughout the world, hygiene is an important issue in hospitals and IDRB’s nursing staff is working with the government to help improve this in Sudan.
IDRB staff is working with local nurses and doctors on various projects including training hospital staff in various areas.
In the infection control project IDRB staff is helping to upgrade nursing training for example in IV therapy, infection control and CPR.
IDRB is also partnering with the federal ministry of health to train medical personal at the Continuing Professional Development Centre in several different areas. A recent course that was held was called “How to Break Bad News.”
“Doctors have a difficult time telling their patients of problems such as birth defects or cancer. This course gives the doctors some tools to use when they need to go down those roads,” explained one of the IDRB instructors.
Part of the seminar included a case study where they are presented with a scenario and then they must discuss how they would handle it. “They are very hungry to have good tools in order to be able to help their patients.”
Through programs like these, IDRB hopes to continue to help educate medical professionals.