IDRB Services

What IDRB does

IDRB has an extensive network of professionals in medicine, education, agriculture, veterinary science, forestry, and community development. These professionals work with local and regional leaders to research and design programs that will improve the quality of life in these areas.

Placement of Professionals
IDRB works to place professionals in long-term and short-term areas of service. The organization has experience in providing teachers, doctors, community health workers, agriculturists, veterinarians, and training professionals for the purpose of community development.

Cooperative Development Projects & Programs
IDRB is an implementing organization with years of experience in designing, carrying out, and completing development projects. The organization works on a cooperative basis, involving the local community, community and regional leaders, and partnering organizations in the design and implementation of projects to the greatest possible extent. All IDRB projects and programs are focused on communities and people, with the objective of enabling these communities and individuals to achieve a better quality of life.

Emergency Aid and Refugee Assistance
IDRB seeks to respond to emergency situations, where physical needs are created and exacerbated by crises. The organization has experience in food distribution, emergency medical care, and logistical support for emergency relief operations. IDRB also works with refugees and displaced persons, providing medical care, education, skills training, and development assistance to communities of displaced persons awaiting resettlement or return to their homes.

In all projects and programs, IDRB provides services and aid regardless of race, religion, political persuasion, or nationality.

The organization does not provide grants or support for individual persons, but attempts to help people through community-based programs. The focus of all IDRB efforts is the improvement of the quality of life of individuals and communities.